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      About Huakang
      To become a Global Leader in Polyols
      Our Company
      Huakang is a leading expert of functional polyol and starch sugar, as well as a pioneer of research, production and sales.

      Huakang is a world-leading producer of functional polyols. Together with customers, partners, and the global community, we develop innovative process technologies for the manufacture of bio-based polyols while preserving the nature’s resources.?

      At Huakang, we are unique in our dedication to polyols. Our dynamic portfolio of products includes D-xylose, xylitol, maltitol, sorbitol, maltitol syrup; other products such as iso-maltitol, L-Arabinose, Crystalline fructose and crystalline mannitol have also been developed to meet the ever-changing market needs of diverse industries.?

      Our mission is ‘To become a Global Leader in Polyols’. As our vision being ‘Together we bring a brighter and sweeter tomorrow’, Huakang is committed to its R&D efforts to help building better lives and promote the polyol industry.?

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      成立于 1962
      China key high-tech enterprises
      Top 20 companies in starch sugar industry of China
      Top 10 companies in China food additive and food ingredient industry
      China Patent Excellence Award
      To become a Global Leader in Polyols
      Together we bring a brighter and sweeter tomorrow