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I work as User Experience (UX) Manager and Principal User Researcher at Informatica, a big-data company aggressively growing in User Experience, data analytics and visualization. Before, I worked as user researcher at Xerox Research (Xerox PARC and XRCE). I do research to innovate and improve the UX design or Human-Computer Interaction of software products for data management.

I came to the US as a Fulbright fellow for a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech and Penn State, where I graduated. I ended up loving and living in this country. I periodically miss and return to my hometown (Alberobello) and family in Italy. I live in the Bay Area, California, with my lovely wife Valeria, a talented Californian-Argentinian architect.

I enjoy outdoor activities, international places and people, movies that make me think and feel, stimulating books, and especially good food and wine with friends.


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